What makes any treatment successful in energy healing is the person performing it. The more experienced/connected with their inner self and in unity with universal energy the better the treatment. This is required in order to channel a higher source of energy that would allow them to connect with a patient to sense the root of the problem and draw out the right forms of energy to solve it.

Free Consultation

Free consultation energy healing in Markham and Toronto locations

Energy Can Heal also provides Remote Healing using a phone call, Skype or Zoom.


We will discuss what you are hoping to gain from your sessions which will allow me to tap into you and understand what you are looking for. With this knowledge, I can give you a brief description of what your treatment can entail. As you relax on the bed fully clothed, I will connect with your energies and find what your body needs most. You may feel a light touch from me from time to time as I promote healing and begin you on your healing journey to a more balanced life. Depending on the individual and how open you are to accepting change, you can see anywhere from a subtle to a big change after just a few sessions.

The treatment is open and safe to everyone – pregnant woman, children, adult, elderly.


Energy Can Heal is different than others because multiple methods and techniques could be used in a session: Energy Healing, Reiki, Chakra balancing, life pattern, bioorgonomy and more. With years of experience and dedication I know which technique to use and when to apply it. As a result I can help heal physical, emotional or spiritual problems.

Do I pay per technique or method?

No, you only pay for the session not for the techniques and methods used in the session


The duration of the session is solely dependent on the individual patient. However, a session should roughly take around an hour.

What can energy healing treat?

Energy healing can treat many symptoms but to name few:

Digestive System
blotting, constipation, food intolerance, etc
stress, trauma, depression, moodiness, etc
Hormonal Imbalance
Immune or Nerve System
Heart Palpitation
and more